CloudAnalytics provides a set of consumer style mobile app’s for the Store Teams to improve store level communication and collaboration, improves store conversion rates, reduce operational payroll cost, improve customer and employee engagement.


Collaborate and communicate for rapid decision making


Store centric applications powered by an analytical platform puts important store performance data in the hands of the Store Teams.


Integrated to external data


Integrated with IOT traffic collection devices

Store Associate Productivity

Leverage workforce management to schedule your most productive employees during high potential selling periods.

Product Placement

Understanding traffic patterns for improved product placement

Consumer style mobile applications for the enterprise

Focused on delivering a suite of store applications with an innovative blend of collaborative and consumer app style mobile solutions to empower retail stores through all aspects from conversion to customer engagement

Messaging & Collaboration

Real time collaboration for effective and faster decision making is key. The messaging and collaborative module provides a seamless and secured platform for inter organization communication between store and district managers, district managers and management etc. Consumer application like intuitive interface helps drive easier adoption and use. Real time communication has significantly helped our customers to take faster and effective decisions along with various stakeholders from the organization.

Store Operations

Near real-time view to store conversion in terms of sales, traffic, conversion, associate contributions are key for any store manager. The interactive dashboard capability allows a top down and bottom up view for all stakeholders in an organization to understand and monitor the performance of any store, district or region.

Comparative and trend analysis assist management to take corrective action to help drive performance and improve sales.

The Store Operations module has enabled our retail customers to make the right decisions to improve store conversion.

Labor Scheduling

Scheduling the right associate at the right time is important to maximize store conversion and enhance customer experience. The module helps store manager to connect forecasted traffic demand with staff productivity and availability to optimize conversion. This also helps in improving the accuracy of store associate scheduling.

The associates also have the ability to provide their availability in this collaborative and secure platform for store and district managers to review.

Store Layout Optimization

Understanding customer behavior and interest level of products displayed across the store can be key to make appropriate changes. This helps to improve customer dwell times and possibility of converting the interest to actual sales.
Optimization of store layout and in-store displays can be a huge differentiator in creating a positive impact on Customer Experience and their interaction with store merchandise.
Leveraging IOT Devices allow retailers to measure effectiveness of display changes in stores.
Retailers can analyze the number of customers entering the store and what percentage are being attracted to the window display and drawn to the other visual displays in the store.

Visual Merchandising

Store associates spend a lot of time arranging displays within stores.

Our solution is helping retailers to improve store associate productivity and improved accuracy in setting up displays by leveraging our mobile application.



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